New York SEO Template Infographic

1. Your website should be as diverse as The NYC Water Ways. 2. Syndicate your website links with a reliable specialist or syndication application. 3. Rockaway is the free URL submission resources. 4. Staten Island resembles unique press release (pr) distribution resources here pr links are visible to our audience. 5. Newark airport is the Indexing and Pinging of your primary and sub links. 6. New Jersey is the collection of links outside of your url which are achieved through organic and CRM interaction. Some SEO managers prefer to keep the links connected indirectly to the main website or your social media to maintain ideal reputation management. Some focus on purchasing or exchanging links which can cause penalties from popular Search Engines. 7. Manhattan is the “follow” links which add most value to your website. 8. Bronx is the link collection with a “nofollow” attribute. These links are as important as ”follow”. 9. LGA is less reliable Ads campaigns.

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